David and Diana first met in Cincinnati while both working in a co-op program.  They would have lunch together and play ultimate frisbee after work, which usually was in a group-setting. Dave was rather shy and the couple would get frequent hints and nudges from their friends.  A long close friendship developed and they eventually started dating.

After they both moved to Cincinnati for work, Dave asked Diana if he could take her out to dinner one Saturday to catch up.  They went to Montgomery Inn Boathouse and took a walk along the river afterwards.  This was what would be considered their first official date.  Throughout their relationship, they enjoyed “friendly” sports rivalries, supporting each other through late nights working on homework, and a shared passion for food and cooking.  One of their absolute favorite activities is going to the market on the weekend mornings and shopping for their dinner feast.

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Straight from the couple:

What do you love most about one another?

Diana on Dave: It’s hard to say one thing I love most about Dave, because I love him for everything  that he is – his humor, his devotion to family, that he embraces my silliness, and that he makes me feel good about myself and makes me a better person.

Dave on Diana: I love how close she is to her family and friends. As a result, I have learned to appreciate those that are close to me. I love how much she loves animals (real and stuffed) and understands my sport obsession. I love how smart and independent she is and that inspires me everyday.

What are you both most looking forward to on the wedding day?

We are looking forward to sharing our love and story with all our family and friends and sharing a private moment to reflect on the memories of our relationship and look ahead to our lifetime together.  We also look forward to sharing the emotions with family and of course the celebration!

What was the proposal like?

We were visiting Dave’s hometown for the Thanksgiving holiday.  The Saturday after we were taking a walk in the D.C National Mall, taking photographs when Dave asked a kind woman to take our photo and at that moment he got down on one knee and proposed.  Little did Diana know, David had the ring for 4 months analyzing every proposal scenario until he couldn’t contain it any longer. It was not as romantic or dramatic as Dave hoped, but during the proposal, we were so excited that neither cared.

A fun fact about the couple is that they later found out that the year before they met, they had both spent the previous summer abroad in the same city of Shanghai without knowing or meeting each other at the time.  It is entirely possible that they passed by each other during that time, not realizing who each other was or what would happen in a few years.

Some of the couple’s favorites memories include:

  • Traveling to different cities, domestic and abroad
  • Going to music festivals and dancing until the sunrise
  • Hiking the glaciers on Mt Rainier
  • Hunting for the best sushi and yakitori inTokyo
  • Sampling all the street food in Hong Kong
  • Wine tastings in Napa and Sonoma
  • Exhausted and snacking on local goodies on the hotel bed

I am really looking forward to this couple’s wedding this coming June at The Cincinnati Art Museum!