So, you’re throwing one of the biggest parties of your life, and you have guests whom you love so much coming to celebrate with you?! That is awesome! They will appreciate and love all of the fun you provide them, especially having their photo taken by a professional photographer and printed out on our lab-quality 4×6 sized paper and placed in a white mat! What can we say, this is fun, unique, and high quality! Our professional prints blow the competitors out of the water if you are truly wanting something high-end, and proving them with a gift they will cherish for an indefinite period of time! This is not a keepsake that will end up in the trash at the end of the night or a week later. This is something beautiful, something they will cherish and love! Something that sounds a lot like your own marriage, eh… eh… am I right?

After the wedding is over, we will even professionally edit all of the photos and let you keep a copy of all of the high resolution images for yourself!

Our open-air photobooth is extraordinary in the sense that we can do full body shots, huge group shots, and not just get your guests’ faces, but their whole bodies, as that is what a portrait actually is! Your guests will appreciate having their portraits taken!

From now until Black Friday, we are offering 20% off on our photobooth, yes, that’s right! Our standard rate is $1200 for up to 4 hours at your reception, with unlimited prints (within reason), this is inclusive of dinner hour. So, be sure to snag this special while it is still HOT for $960.

Want to know how you can save even more? If you book us for your wedding photography and or wedding videography for your upcoming Cincinnati wedding, you can save more! So, check out our style, see if we share the same vibe, and if you’d like to see how we can be part of your story, shoot us a message, and let’s make some magic happen!



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